School Organisation


This is the name for thePlaygroup, Pre-nursery, Nursery and Reception classes.

The crèche operates a four month term. This means it closes only during public holidays and Christmas holiday.

The Pre-school follows Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which is play-based and involves a balance between ‘child-initiated’ (chosen by the child) and ‘adult-initiated’ (led by an adult) activities. Each teacher is supported by other adults who work with the children at all times.

Primary Section

Brainyville International School has adopted integratedNigeria/British curricular in this section of the school. To ensure that our children are adequately prepared for a competitive world, we ensure that they are exposed to the Nigeria and British standard of education.

Our classes are small which gives the advantage of one-to-one with the teacher and also enables the teacher to promptly identify areas where the child needs help.

School day


Breakfast Club

The school gate open at 7 am and parents are welcomed to drop their children for Breakfast Club.


Mondays and Fridays between 7:45am

All children are expected to be in class by 8.10am.

Absence due to Illness

Please notify the school if your child will be missing school due to illness.

Late Arrival

Late arrival to school disrupts lessons. Children who arrive late for classes will be prevented from disrupting the class by keeping them in the activity hall till the end of thatlesson.

Afternoons/Pick –up times

School gate opens for pick-up at2pm for children in playgroup to Nursery Classes. While the children in Reception to Primary classes’ finishes school at 3pm. The school expects you to pick up your child on time. However, parents who cannot pick up by 3pm should please register their children inAfter School Care.

Siblings who close early are cared for at the After School Care whilst waiting for their older siblings

Running Late:

If you are going to be few minutes late, please ring the front desk

Kindly note that the school cannot be held responsible for children who are not picked up by 3.30pm and are not Registered for After School Care

I should, therefore, be most grateful for your co-operation.

Extra Co-Curricular Activities

These may take place during the school time or after school. These activities are generally targeted at specific age groups and details of the clubs will be sent home.

Most after-school clubs finishes by 4pm.Parents should check their children club times and dates. A club calendar will be sent home at the beginning of each session.

I should, therefore, be most grateful for your co-operation.

After School Care – this is a provision for parents who cannot pick their children before 5pm.

The school will not be responsible for any child not picked up.

Thank you for understanding.

School Rules /Policies and Procedures

All the school rules are based on the principles of:

  • Being responsible
  • Respect for oneself and others
  • Respect for school and property (including others properties).
  • Staying safe

Other rules include:

  • Jewelry, with the exception of watches and earring studs, should not be worn. (However, if watches and earring studs are worn they must be removed for all PE lessons).
  • Tattoos and nail polish are prohibited.
  • Hair must be plaited away from the face and without beads
  • Hair ruffle and any other adornment must be black and moderate.
  • Children must be in the correct uniform at all times –

Primary  –           Full ceremonial uniform on Mondays

White shirt, tie and school short/skirt on Tuesdays to Fridays

Pre School     –     Yellow/blue polo-neck top andschool short/ skirt –Mondays to Fridays

Footwear   –          Black footwear except Wednesdays – White trainers for PE

  • Sweets and chocolates should not be brought to school, with the exception of birthdays.
  • Frizzy drinks should also not be brought to school.

Each class agrees on their own particular set of rules, at the beginning of the academic year.


At BIS we provided meals straight from our kitchen for a fee. You however, have the option of providing your children’s meals.The school rules forbids frizzy drinks hence parents are advised to provide water and or freshly squeezed juice for their children.

We send menu home every month.

For parents opting for school meals, it is essential that you inform us of any allergies your children may have so that we can ensure they are not given anything that might harm them.

Breakfast Club

The aim of the Breakfast Club is to provide high quality care and a healthy breakfast for children before the start of their school day.

Advantages of Breakfast club

  • Improves attendance at school
  • Provides a healthy meal at the beginning of the day
  • Children are more relaxed and ready to learn if they have eaten and had an enjoyable start to the day as it provides continuity of care
  • Help to improve concentration and academic performance
  • Parents are reassured that their children are safe and in school at the correct time


The purpose of homework is to reinforce learning in school and to develop the habit of private study. It also gives the child opportunities for learning experiences in the home.

We aim to ensure that all homework is relevant to the teacher’s curricular objectives for your child and therefore not all children in a particular year group receive exactly the same homework.

Homework also provides a partnership between children, their parents and the school. You can play a crucial role in monitoring, supporting and actively helping your child.Kindly note that adults are not to complete the children’s home work.

Homework Schedule is sent home at the beginning of the session.

Having upset children and frustrated parents is not the purpose of homework!

Enhancement Class

Should you, the class teacher or School Head have concerns about your child academic development, enhancement class may be recommended. However, taking advantage of this will be entirely your choice.

Accident and Illness

Any minor injury will be dealt with at school. If the injury or illness is of a more serious nature, you will be asked to collect your child. Should your child need urgent medical attention, he/she will be taken to the hospital and we will inform you.

It would be of help therefore, if you will keep us informed of any changes in your contact details – place of work, telephone/mobile number and address. Should your child suffer an injury which is of some concern to us, we will send a note home with your child.

Administration of Medicine

Should your child run temperature, we will contact you before administering Capol or Paracetamol.

Should your child need to take medication, please notify the front desk. This shall be passed on to the school nurse who will administer the medicine.

We provide dental check twice a session.

It is highly recommended that children suffering from sickness or diarrheaor any other contagious illnesses should refrain from attending school for 48 hours to prevent infecting others.

Please note that

Notes are requested if children need to be excused from a physical activity owing to illness or injury.

Children with Special Needs

A pupil is considered to have a Special Educational Need ( SEN ) if he/she has a learning, emotional, behavioural, physical or sensory difficulty which calls for Special Educational Provision to be made for him or her. He/she may have significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of children of the same age or have a disability which hinders him or her from making use of educational facilities in the same way as other children are able to

Every pupil at Brainyville International School has an equal opportunity to reach his/her potential. Therefore, every pupil must have an equal right of access to the whole curriculum, and an enhancement of the regular curriculum to provide for special gifts.

We provide help for these children in order for them to be included in day to day school life to the greatest possible degree.

Should you have any concern, please contact the Head of School. We make every effort to identify children’s needs and take action to meet those needs as early as possible, working alongside parents throughout the whole process.

School Trips

School trips and visits are also an important way of enhancing your child’s learning. These may take the form of short walks to places of interest, day trips or a residential experience. Previous to embarking on any trip, parents will be required to complete a permission slip. It is essential that you return permission slips before your children will be allowed to go on the trip.

Discipline/Behaviour Policy


At Brainyville International School, it is important for us that children grow and learn in a calm and caring atmosphere where they have the security of knowing that they are respected and valued as individuals. We strive to maintain a consistent approach to behaviour throughout the school, therefore, children are made aware of what is expected of them, both in their work and in their attitudes. This, in turn, allows effective teaching to take place. We try to

  • Create an environment that encourages and reinforces good behaviour.
  • Promote self-esteem, self-discipline and positive relationships.
  • Ensure that adults set good examples
  • Encourage consistency of approach to both positive and negative behaviour.
  • Encourage the involvement of both home and school in the implementation of this policy.

Standards of Behaviour

At BIS, we recognise our central role in the children’s personal, social and moral development just as in their academic development. Hence, we measure academic achievement just as we measure standards of behaviour in terms of the children’s developing ability to conform to our behavioural goals.


We believe that rewards have a motivational roleso our emphasis is on rewards to reinforce good behaviour, rather than on failures for the reason, we work towards helping the children to see that good behaviour is valued. Awardsfor high performance such as certificates, picture of Best Pupil of the Month on display at the school reception and notice board, Pupil of the Week sticker, Star Reader Certificates, Maths of Weeketc will be awarded at the assembly.


Although rewards are central to the encouragement of good behaviour, realistically, there is a need for sanctions to register the disapproval of unacceptable behaviour and to protect the safety and stability of the school community. In an environment where respect is central, loss of respect, or disapproval, should carry a powerful sanction. These range from

  • Expressions of disapproval;
  • Reflection corner
  • Withdrawal of privileges and / or slots of Golden Time;
  • Loss of break times
  • Taken out of class to another class for a period of time
  • Loss of club times with parent’s agreement
  • Exempted from going on school trips or represent the school
  • Notes to parents / a meeting may be arranged.
  • Use of report cards and sheets to monitor behaviour;
  • Development of Behaviour Support Plans in consultation with parents
  • Ultimately and in the last resort, use of internal and external exclusion

Where behaviour is causing concern, parents will be informed at an early stage. Parental support will be sought in devising a plan of action and further disciplinary action will be discussed with the parents.

School Fees

Parents may choose to pay annually or termly.

Annual payment received by the 15th of August preceding resumption shall be entitled to 5% discount

Parents will be asked to produce evidence of payment on resumption.

The school reserves the right to review school fees upward. Adequate notice shall be given to parents whenever there is an increment in fees.

Fees are payable on or before resumption of each term.

The School Bank details are as follows

Zenith Bank



Communication with Parents


The Head of School /Administrator sends out a newsletter each month. Please provide us with your email address as this will only be sent electronically.


Urgent messages or updates are communicated through this medium.


School Calendar, club times and other notifications

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