Mission Statement

Brainyville International School(BIS) provides a safe, exciting, and stimulating environment, where your children can develop naturally, learn and be cared for. We are a brain-friendly learning School.

We operate a fully integrated British / Nigerian/International Curriculum. Infant and Nursery Montessori Curriculum is also incorporated in our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

Our staff are caring and dedicated to your child. Our school which has within its premises the Kiddies Knowledge Resource Centre & Book Café, offers children unique learning opportunities in a knowledge based environment. The kiddies Learning Resource Centre boasts of a large collection of study materials for kids. We also have a mini research & reading room within the nursery for their further learning and enjoyment. The children also have a viewing lounge dedicated to images from around the world as well as special documentaries and real live presentations on nature, animal, people and places giving the children a broad view of the world they live in.

We go an extra mile to ensure that even the busiest parent is updated with minute by minute and day by day progress of his or her child. Parents can subscribe and log onto our website for a real life viewing of their children as they participate in the different learning activities. We welcome feedbacks from our parents and encourage them to partner with us on this exciting journey of nurturing our positive leaders.

Our aim is to provide the highest quality childcare in a stable and caring environment which will allow each child to develop to their full potential. The creche is open all year round except on Gazetted Holidays, the last two weeks of the year and the first week of the new year. Our staff are caring, professional and dedicated to your child. Brainyville International School is committed to nurturing the total child through Play, Age Appropriate Fun and Creative Learning.

Our Vision

A centre for holistic and balanced childcare; leadership skills development, godly virtues and outstanding academic excellence.


Our Mission

  • To apply the finest teaching methods through experienced and qualified hands that would help to shape our young children into great minds of academic excellence, using up to date technology.
  • To partner with parents in laying positive foundation in our children that would stand them out in life for enduring greatness.
  • To provide the highest quality child care using well trained, caring and dedicated staff in a stable, save and caring environment which will allow every child to develop to his or her full potentiality.
  • To provide level playing ground for all to aspire to their highest potentialities.


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