We have over 25 clubs featuring different extracurricular activities available to both the children in BIS and external students. These activities include; Chess, Mad Science, Swimming, Ballet & Salsa Dance, Karate, Musical Instrumentation, Languages, Public Speaking & Etiquette, Young Researchers Club, Debate, S/Writing & Leadership club, KEN 4 Kids; highly Effective Kids Club, Reading Club.



At the after school Lab, English and Mathematics are taught every day, and about 60 % of the teaching time each week is spent on these essential subjects. The other subjects are scheduled so that the children have varied and interesting days, and also the opportunities to build on their classroom learning experience is also provided. What is taught is planned with care to ensure that relevant links are taken care of; lessons are taught from the known to the unknown.


Further learning, Exam preparation & revisions are provided in the following Subjects:

  • Mathematics incorporating (Numeracy, Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry)
  • English incorporating Literacy (Lexis & Structure, Grammar, Literature, Poetry, Composition, Phonetics)
  • Art & Handicraft
  • Safety & Security Education
  • Personal, Social, Health, and Citizenship Education
  • Music
  • Physical and Health Education
  • General Science (Integrated Science)
  • Computer –Aided-Instruction
  • Social Studies / History / Civics Education/Geography
  • Hand-writing
  • Leadership/Character Development
  • Christian/Islamic Religious Knowledge
  • Languages (Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, English, French, Chinese)
  • Agric Studies

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