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Our school core values are summarised in the school acronym (B.R.A.I.N.Y.V.I.L.L.E.). which is further explained in our code of conduct book which all pupil receive at the start of the year. A copy is kept in the front of their homework book and displayed in classrooms. They are regularly reminded of it by their teachers in class and in assemblies. The core values are as explained below:


B – best (simply the best)

The best is what we aspire to be. As institution of knowledge, we aim to be the best: morally, academically and socially. We aspire to set the bench mark that others can emulate.

We aim to groom every child to be the best they can be. Our focus is to produce a wholistically balanced child that will be well equipped to make an impact as a global citizen.

Every child entering BIS should have a mind set to be the best.

We know we can be the best when we work hard and take our task seriously, and trust in God.


R – Responsible & Reliable (we are responsible, dependable, consistent, steadfast, trustworthy)

  • We look after our school, our classroom and each other
  • We take care of equipment and use it safely.
  • We put our litter in the bins provided.
  • We always try to do our best.
  • We try to be in the right place at the right time.
  • We remember to bring the things we need for each day.
  • We think about how our words and actions affect others.
  • We keep to time in whatever we do; coming early to school, doing our homework and meeting deadlines.
  • We keep our promise, we work our talk
  • We are consistent in our good manner and honoring God.
  • We can be trusted to carry out our task deligently and honestly we


A – accurate ( correctness, exactness, precision, truth)

  • We are aim to be accurate in what we do and say.
  • We are truthful in what we say
  • We abstain from falsehood and anything that is misleading
  • We do not work and play aimlessly, we follow laid down rules and guidelines.
  • We adhere to instructions


I – intelligent (our cup of tea is wisdom, knowledge & understanding)

  • We are intelligent people and we do not settle for average that is why we strive to be the best.
  • The wisdom of God is found in us and the inspiration of the almighty gives us understanding

N – noble (we reign)

We are fearfully and wonderfully made.

We are the head and not the tail, the first and not the least

We are God’s children and of noble character

We are unique in all that we do and conduct ourselves in a noble manner.

We are born leaders training to make positive impact in our society.


Y – yes (with God all things are possible)

Yes we can do all things because God is with us.

Yes we can consistently make high grades because we work hard and God is with us

We can be the best behaved because we learn good manners everyday and God is with us

We are the best team players because we help each other and are ready to share.

Impossibilities does not exist with us, all things are possible because we believe it is so


V – voice (we are the voice not an echo)

We are the voice not an echo. We do not mimic others but we make our own statement

We speak up in an orderly manner when we have something to say, because our voice /opinion can make the difference.

We ask questions when we are not clear and seek clarification on things that are confusing to us

We speak to communicate and not to make noise.


I – integrity (honesty, truth, honour, reliability, uprightness, veracity.)

We are people of intergrity and good character.

We honor our word, our parents and our teachers


L – love (we love our neighbours as ourselves)

We love and treat others with consideration and respect irrespective of their race, religion and background.

We are able to do a paradigm shift when others offend us and we can empathise we them where necessary and easily forgive them.

We do not take what belong to others forcefully or without their knowledge.

We do not do things to hurt others

We are willing to lend a helping hand where necessary

  • We treat each other as we would like to be treated.
  • We behave in a polite and considerate way.
  • We treat people well even if they look, act or think differently.
  • We play games that others can share.
  • We solve disagreements in a peaceful way.
  • We speak kindly to each other – we do not shout.
  • We respect each other’s privacy and property


We are willing to work with others to uplift the name of the school and to bring honor to the school, our parents and to ourselves.


L -leadership (we are the leaders of today, tomorrow & the future)

We know that to be a good leader you need to be a good follower, we follow instructions, we are submissive to our parents and to the school authority because these are people God has put in place to nurture us into positive leaders.

We know that we are leaders at what ever level or age we are therefore we do not shy away from taking up leadership responsibilities when the situation arrives


E – excellence (excellence is our key word)

Excellence is the watch word in whatever we do.

We know that when we put up excellent performance, success will be ours. Therefore, we strive to be excellent in both the small things and the big things.

We try to look excellent, think excellently well, speak excellently well, write excellently well and behave excellently well. We can achieve excellence, by believing in ourselves,

  • We understand that routines help our school to run smoothly and help us all to be
    safe, happy and successful.
  • We listen to instructions and do our best to follow them.
  • We read notices carefully.
  • We always try to be on time.
  • We keep to ‘deadlines’.



BIS pupils are expected to be respectful, well behaved and responsible. Etiquette, character building and good manners are embedded in our curriculum and the extracurricular activities. Pupils are expected to treat each other and all adults with consideration and respect, they are expected to be considerate and responsible in the use of school property. The school and the parents are to work as partners in developing good character and good behavior in our children. At the beginning of every term, class teachers and the pupils of each class work as a team to discuss and set specific class rules.


Children who deliberately or persistently exhibit unacceptable behaviour will be monitored by the Head of Department using a behaviour report card, which will also be sent home each evening for parents to see. Cases of persistent or serious misbehaviour will be referred to the Head of school, possibly resulting in his personal involvement and / or more serious sanctions.

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